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saddle width

Hi,  I am a tack consignment shop and I just received a Smith Worthington S Bar W saddle to sell.  Are these saddles stamped anywhere to tell the width?  I am not sure if it is a wide or Xwide and would like to correctly advertise it!  thanks!  Suzi
All Smith-Worthington saddles are able to be modified to fit an individual horse.  Since most saddles we sell are custom fitted to a particular horse before it leaves our warehouse, there is no way of telling what your saddle’s present width is. In fact, it may have been refitted several times. It might be in-between sizes.  I suggest that you advertise the saddle as “between Wide and Extra Wide” if that is your best guess. Then say that “the saddle can be refitted to your horse”.  A fitting guide can be downloaded from our website Current cost (June 2016) to adjust the tree is $90.

Hamilton Ontario Mounted Police ride Smith-Worthington saddles

The Hamilton, Ontario mounted police ride on Smith-Worthington saddles. These saddles are basically the Ultimate Dressage saddle with modifications for police use. The Hamilton mounted unit, like other mounted units, participates in ceremonial occasions where their impressive horses add dignity and power. Here is a photo of the Hamilton

unit marching in the funeral procession of a fallen officer.

Mounted Police Unit in funeral procession