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How to design a saddle Part 4

The flaps:

The flaps would be flattering to those of us who have gained a little weight over the years. Riders are not immune to the obesity epidemic  that is raging across the nation. While riders are not as heavy as the general population, we are still heavier than in years past and dressage riders tend to be a little older and a little heaver. The top of the flap would need to be wide enough so that thighs remained on the saddle and not on the horse.  Somehow, the thigh looks bigger when it is not contained by the shape of the flap.

How to design a saddle Part 3

Leg Support :

This is something we debated and then debated some more. What do people like? Of course we want to design this saddle so that people will first, want to try the saddle and second, have a wonderful demo ride and want to purchase the saddle. We have found that some people love large forward blocks like our Ultimate Dressage saddle. They feel really secure on the plastic horse in our showroom. But once they put the saddle on their horse, those large blocks don’t work for them. Many actually get sore knees.  Since most of us are not riding at grand prix level, and are not doing “airs above the ground”, we don’t really need this much support. Indeed, it is sometimes in the way. So we opted for medium size blocks, very soft, to be located under a traditional flap.

Since we would be making a prototype saddle, we would have a chance to ride it and determine if the blocks were right or not.  But this is what we’d start with.